Daily Service Rates

  • $4.00/One way trip in town
  • (Addtional stops in between are $3.00/stop)
  • $8.00/one way trip in township (West Perth)


  • For travel within Perth & Huron Counties – $0.80/km
  • For travel outside Perth & Huron Counties – $0.65/km
  • Waiting fee of $15.00/hr will be charge once the client is dropped off until pickup time
  • If the trip is one way only for the client, the return kilometer rate will be charged

Charter Rates

  • $45.00/hr for driving
  • $35.00/hr for waiting/loading/standby
  • There is a one hour minimum charge of $35.00 for all charters booked for less than one hour
  • For West Perth residents traveling within West Perth – $27.00/hr for both driving and waiting/loading/standby

Bus Pass

  • In town: $92.00 for 25 trips
  • Township: $184 for 25 trips