The initiative began in 2008 consisting of seven community support agencies providing services throughout their respective counties. Wellness for Seniors (WFS) of Perth and Huron has been funded through the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to create a wellness program based on the enhancement of existing programs and the creation of new ones. The WFS programs bring wellness, education and health monitoring to community dwelling individuals in rural and isolated areas. Promoting and sustaining improved health for older adults through a standardized best practice model of programs in local communities across Huron-Perth. All services will be provided with the overarching themes of education, exercise and health promotion/monitoring. WFS programs encourage individuals to manage their own health. Wellness programs have been created to provide a safe, inexpensive avenue for individuals to remain active and healthy.

The use of volunteers for program delivery allows for a high volume of programming with low costs of delivery. All seven agencies partnering in this project have collaborated in program delivery and development, along with community partners including Family Health teams, Family Physicians, Health Units, Community Professionals and other agencies.