Volunteer Transportation

Volunteers provide transportation to clients for out of town medical appointment. Outreach staff will match clients with volunteers who will provide the trip.

Clients pay a fee to the drivers which reimburses them for their fuel. Reimbursement is based on a per kilometre fee. Outreach Office staff will inform the client about the full cost of the trip when the staff call back to confirm that a driver has been booked. Clients must pay the driver directly at the time of pickup for the trip. If there are any parking fees incurred, the client will also pay for them at the parking area.

Clients are required to inform staff of any extra stops that need to be made when booking their trip, so that the cost can accurately be calculated. Unless it is a medical necessity (i.e. stop at the pharmacy), the driver will not make any extra stops that have not booked ahead of time. If there needs to be a stop for medical reasons that has not been booked prior to the trip, it will be at the discretion of the driver if they will be able to accommodate the stop. The client will have to pay $3.00 at that time for that stop. As well, if the client lives outside of Mitchell, there will be an extra $3.00 for picking fee in the rural area.

At no time is the client to call the volunteer at their home. If a booking needs to be changed or cancelled or a trip added, the client must call Easyride.

If the volunteer arrives for trip pickup at the client home, and the client is not home or denies the trip at that time, the client will be billed for the trip.

To book your volunteer transportation trips, call the EasyRide office at 519-272-9875
Clients must book a minimum of 24 hours in advance of their trip.